Computer Programming


About The Program

Prepare for your tech career with a solid foundation in computer programming, databases, software, and operating systems. It’s the perfect introduction to craft a career in today’s computer-driven world and provides the groundwork for a future bachelor’s degree.

Develop in-demand skills to thrive in today’s tech field with the Associates of Science in Computer Science. You’ll design, implement and evaluate software to tackle real-world problems. This degree is perfect for working professionals who want a strong foundation in computer science or hope to pursue an advanced degree in the future.

Build a solid computer science skill set:
Use data to provide innovative solutions to complex problems
Gain a broad understanding of computing technology
Build conceptual models of computer hardware
Participate in collaborative projects while developing team-building skills.


CP101 Introduction To Computer I
CP102 Programming Basics
CP103 Database Inquiry
CP104 Data Access I
CP105 Visual Programming I
CP201 Object-Based Programming I
CP202 Integrated Inquiry Into Language
CP203 Internet Programming I
CP204 Data Access II
CP205 Service Architecture
CP301 Front-end Design
CP302 Front-End Development
CP303 Introduction To Data Science
CP304 Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
CP305 Game Programming I
CP401 Open Source Operating System
CP402 Internship I
CP403 Graduation Thesis and Project