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The Technical University of America

The Technical University of America is a distance learning university with the exception of face-to-face training given at continuing education centers in some countries. 
Students take their courses on the internet within the framework of a certain program. There are 3 different training methods in our distance education model: 

1-Live Online Training 
Some of the training is given live on the internet according to the curriculum of the academic staff. Students can interactively ask their instructors questions and share documents with each other. The instructor can both share his or her own screen, see the students ' screens (if the student wants to) and intervene, especially in practice classes. Students are responsible for the content given in live classes, for exams, and for projects. 

2-Video Online Training 
TUA students receive part of their education by watching videos on the internet. Some practical training or theoretical training is provided with videos prepared by the academic staff. Video tutorials are constantly updated. The courses to be followed by the students are given at the time of registration and at the beginning of the semester. Students are responsible for video educational content in exams and projects. 

3-Internet Seminars 
One educational model of the Technical University of America, especially in the process of the 2020 pandemic, is live training seminars via the internet. Some of the professional or personal development training is provided by the university's academic staff or experts in the field through live broadcast seminars. The seminar plan is communicated to the students via the website, through the student portal, and, if necessary, via mail. The seminars are usually private to the students, but sometimes they can also be planned publicly. 
The goal at the Technical University of America is to see education as a right, not a privilege. All the educational models and techniques that may be necessary to reach students on the Internet in less time and prepare them for their business life will be found on TUA's desk.


Technical University of America

TUA is an online university established to provide students with all the necessary knowledge in the business life of the profession they wish to acquire, together with their academic staff, technological qualifications, and to communicate the experiences of the experienced people 24/7, regardless of the location.


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The mission of Technical University of America is to provide people with the necessary equipment and knowledge for a system that will raise the level of..


Online Education

Technical University of America is a distance learning university with the exception of face-to-face trainings given at continuing education centers in some countries.



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- Assistant for Banking & Finance Dept.
- Assistant / Associate Professor for Digital Arts & Design Dept. In C.E.C.
- Director for brand new “American Language & Literature” Division.


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