With our associate degree diploma programs we ensure that our students are ready for business life and aim to receive a visionary education that is valid in the world.

Along with synchronous and asynchronous online content, regardless of time and place, we follow a procedure where the main goal is learning, making the process of accessing information less laborious and maximizing the value of information.

With our bachelor's degree programs that are planned for 4 years we provide our students with the education of the professions that are valid all over the world. Thanks to online education system, it is possible to complete these 4-year programs earlier.

Besides the compulsory field courses, it is one of the most important aims of Technical University of America to have knowledge in elective courses in different fields that are related or irrelevant to the students departments.

It is one of our greatest goals to bring the education of the professions, which continue to be valid all over the world, such as economics, finance, business and banking, and make them more valuable at every stage, not only as a profession but also as a vision of life.

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